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What is PredictX?

PredictX is a decentralized prediction market. The platform aims to bring the most popular and engaging markets to the community. Centered on a friendly user experience and automated liquidity, PredictX ensures the best liquidity across all markets while allowing users to win their predictions.

What markets will we have? 
PredictX plans to have many markets in the near future, some include: 
• Major Events
• Asset Price (Crypto/Stocks)
• Sports
• Politics
What’s the token case?
• Incentive for LPs
• Pay for any trading fees
• Use tokens to create new markets
• Governance
What problem will PredictX solve? 

Challenges in current products include charging high markup fees (3-10%) involved with each transaction. Also, decentralized orderbook based prediction markets also deal with high gas fees, minimal liquidity, and poor UI. PredictX aims to solve these specific problems.

What are our next steps? 

We already had an MVP launched with Superbowl markets on Ethereum. We’ll be having additional markets soon and then implement them on faster chains. We’ll have v1.0 on Binance Smart Chain, then do implementation on Moonbeam (an EVM compatible parachain) and Polkadot. 

What is the token distribution? 
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