Prediction Markets for DeFi

Incentive-driven prediction markets for users to trade on the outcomes of real world events

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Our vision

PredictX is a DeFi protocol that brings prediction markets to DeFi. Centered on automated liquidity and precisely designed incentives, PredictX ensures the best liquidity across all event markets while allowing users to win off their predictions on a decentralized platform. Β 

The Product

βœ”οΈ Live AMM based prediction markets optimized through DeFi
βœ”οΈ Faster and cheaper transactions through Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
βœ”οΈ Incentives for both liquidity providers and users
βœ”οΈ Non-custodial, non-centralized and open to everyone

The App

Currently, PredictX has launched its V0 version which allows for binary markets in which users can trade Yes or No on a specific event

We are currently working on our V1 and future versions which will include more markets for crypto prices, sports, politics and more.

The next version will reduce slippage and introduce more incentives for traders and liquidity providers

Our timeline

PredictX is a DeFi protocol that brings prediction markets to DeFi. Centered on automated liquidity and precisely designed incentives

Mariner: V0 Launch

The first market launched with AMM-based backend

The V0 version of PredictX launched on Ethereum earlier this year which utilized an AMM-based architecture similar to other existing prediction markets. However, because of high Ethereum gas fees we started exploring alternative Blockchains with lower fees and faster confirmation times.

Viking: V1 Launch

Implement 1st AMM based prediction markets on Binance Smart Chain
The V1 version of PredictX is the first application of conditional tokens onto BSC. Conditional tokens are a new asset class that makes it even easier to create liquidity in prediction markets, through combinatorial outcomes embedded into the tokens. In addition to having a better architecture for prediction markets, added liquidity incentives allow LPs and traders to be incentivized in using the platform.

Pathfinder: V2 Launch

Integration of DeFi protocols for LPs to allow additional passive yield generation
Add cross-chain support for markets
The V2 version of PredictX will allow liquidity providers to also earn yield when they seed a liquidity pool on top of the fees and liquidity rewards that they already get. This is a key distinction from other prediction market protocols that either doesn’t have a token or have liquidity providers that are not able to earn additional yield from pools. Along with a growing treasury, a native stablecoin (pUSD) will allow alternate use-cases to emerge in v3 and v4 beyond markets on the platform.

Polar: V3 Launch

Add private betting pools and automatic market creation
Add decentralized oracle resolution system

The V3 version of PredictX will feature more utilization of governance of the protocol where token holders can start participating in market creation and event resolution. This will be the first iteration of progressive decentralization that the project aims to achieve. Β 

Odyssey: V4 Launch

Add voting system for new markets and improvement proposals (LPs)

The V4 version of PredictX will decentralize many of the features and mechanisms in the protocol. This includes oracles, market creation, and overall changes to the protocol. Stablecoin issuance continues and adoption in other betting protocols becomes the norm.

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